pay it forward

     If you would like to be a part of getting hot meals to people who need it most, here's how you can help us:
Become a part of our "Pay It Forward" meal program.  For $5 you can pre-pay a meal for a senior, a healthcare worker, emergency service personnel, or truck driver. 
To date we have been able to provide over 400 meals at our restaurant in our community.
     A huge thank you to everyone who has donated. You all continue to amaze us every day with your love and support.


Buy a meal, give a meal

 Use our online ordering platform to place your order. The first item you see is "Pay It Forward Meal Purchase". Choose how many meals you would like to purchase and follow checkout instructions. OR when you pick up your order you can purchase the meals in person. Just ask us to add a "Pay It Forward Meal" to your check.

redeem a meal

 The hot meals are available to redeem at any time at our restaurant. To redeem, either come visit us and order in-person at 102 N 5th St. in Jarrell or call ahead 512-746-2377 to place a curbside-pickup order. Just mention that you would like to redeem a "Pay It Forward Meal" for a senior, healthcare worker, emergency service personnel, or truck driver. The meals can only be redeemed by phone or in person.

too far away to dine with us?

You can still join us in providing free hot meals.We will distribute the meals for you from our restaurant to seniors, healthcare workers, emergency service personnel, and truck drivers.
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